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Increase attendance, ticket and sponsorship sales and automate payments, access and reporting

Oveit is your automation tool for event registration, payments, access control and event sales & marketing.

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Event registration for paid events

Boost Your Event Revenue with Oveit’s Leading Event Registration Software

Optimize your paid event registrations with Oveit’s top-tier event registration software. Enhance your sales with flexible registration options, including multiple tiers, group deals, and special community discounts.

Want to strengthen sponsor engagement? Oveit provides hidden partner tickets and packages, complete with custom group deals. Try it out with code “oveitsponsor”.

Create unforgettable visitor experiences with our “Addon” feature. Offer additional perks, benefits, and merchandise to personalize each ticket.

Simplify on-site management with our complimentary scanning apps for easy addon claiming.

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Simplify free event registration with Oveit

At Oveit, we understand that sometimes you need to register attendees for a free event without the hassle. Be it a community meetup, a webinar, a product launch, or an office get-together, Oveit makes it straightforward.

Oveit allows you to effortlessly collect visitor information, issue custom branded tickets, and scan attendees at the event, ensuring a smooth experience.

All visitor data is securely stored and reported to you, and can be automatically integrated with your CRM, marketing automation tools, or email marketing apps.

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Trusted event solution by leading brands:

Event marketing by L'Oreal, Amazon, FintechOS, Porsche
Event marketing by Liz Earle, Yves Rocher, LVMH, Renault Group

Curate your event audience with approval-only event registration

At Oveit we understand the value of having the right attendees at your events. Whether you’re hosting a side event at a major conference or a brand marketing event, our approval-only, whitelisted entry feature is essential.

With Oveit, you can approve each guest individually, ensuring that your marketing campaign brings in the best possible visitors.

Optimize your event registration process with Oveit’s precise approval system.

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As applications start coming in, seamlessly manage your event with the Oveit dashboard. Effortlessly verify attendee data, approve or deny entries, and maintain full control over your event’s success.