Oveit Forms simplifies and transforms the way events handle registration.

Personalization and seamless experiences are paramount in great events. That’s why we’ve built a system that provides a flexible and user-friendly registration platform. An unique journey starts with a personal data collection form.


Develop your community and create personal experiences with our event registration forms

Tailored flexibility: We understand that each event is unique, and the information required from event buyers and visitors can vary greatly. With Oveit Forms, event organizers have the power to create customized forms that cater to the specific needs of both event buyers and event visitors. This tailored flexibility ensures that the right information is collected from the right stakeholders.

Streamlined data management: Oveit doesn’t just stop at collecting data – we empower event organizers to manage and store this information effectively. By offering separate options for event buyers and event visitors, Oveit enables companies to support and store data from purchase stakeholders, such as HR and management teams, while also capturing critical information from actual visitors or delegates. This streamlined data management enhances the overall event experience.

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Personal relationship management

Oveit takes event personalization to a whole new level. By storing data in a comprehensive CRM system, event organizers can easily segment their audience and create personalized visitor journeys. This means that not only can event organizers reach out to relevant stakeholders for upsells and future sales, but they can also offer personalized experiences that leave a lasting impact on attendees.

Ease of use

We understand that event organizers have a lot on their plate. Oveit's platform is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that creating and managing custom forms is an intuitive and straightforward process. This saves time and allows organizers to focus on delivering an exceptional event experience.

Upselling and engagement

The data collected through Oveit Forms isn't just useful for event logistics – it's a goldmine for future business opportunities. By having access to detailed information about event buyers and visitors, event organizers can strategically reach out for upselling, nurture relationships, and ensure that attendees are informed about upcoming events.

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Customer reviews

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Five star event registration rating

"Great app, stellar customer support"

Laura B.
Digital Marketing Specialist
Internet, 11-50 employees

"We have tried several event management systems for the conferences & workshops our NGO organizes (30 to 400 participants per event). We've used even some of the most praised apps out there. Trouble was that none of them was quite up to par with the set of features we needed (website embedding for the event registration form, customer vouchers, mobile app for check-in, payment integration and a couple more). Oveit came as an awesome surprise."

Five star event registration rating

"Excellent service and really easy to integrate"

Peter C.
Information Technology and Services

"The simplicity and customer care of Oveit is fantastic. It is the easiest tool by far for ticketing to integrate to your site."

Five star event registration rating

"Quick uptake and easy customisation, mobile site and access was impeccable, support was top notch !!"

Townson T.
Online ticket sales

"Saved time by not having to assign seats and allowed patrons to choose their seats."