Instant Payments for events through credit cards, bank transfer and even crypto.

Event payments just got easier, faster, direct.

In a world where speed, efficiency, and control are of paramount importance, Oveit is here to revolutionize the event management landscape. Unlike its competitors, our system goes beyond the ordinary by offering instant payments directly to the event organizer’s account.

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Making payments more accessible to events, at scale:

Instant payments: Say goodbye to the waiting game. With Oveit, event organizers no longer need to wait for days or weeks to access their hard-earned funds. Our system ensures that payments are processed immediately upon registration, allowing organizers to have instant access to their funds, enabling better cash flow management.

Payment flexibility: We understand that every attendee has their preferred payment method. Oveit caters to a wide range of preferences by offering payments through credit cards, bank transfers, and even cryptocurrencies. This flexibility not only accommodates attendees from various backgrounds but also opens doors to a broader audience. Even more, the payment flexibility enables sponsors and larger companies to pay for both sponsorship packages as well as group ticket buying through their accepted process.

Full automation: Behind the scenes, Oveit boasts a cutting-edge automated backend. From payment processing, proforma and invoice generation to confirmation emails and even badge generation, our system handles everything seamlessly. This means event organizers can focus on creating memorable experiences, leaving the technicalities to us.

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Empowered organizers

At Oveit, we put the control back in the hands of event organizers. With our user-friendly interface, organizers can easily customize payment options, set ticket prices, and monitor real-time analytics. This empowers organizers to make data-driven decisions and optimize their event's financial success.

Seamless integration

We understand that every event is unique, and seamless integration is crucial. Oveit seamlessly integrates with your event website, app, or platform, providing a seamless and consistent registration and payment experience for attendees.

Trust and security

Security is non-negotiable when it comes to financial transactions. Oveit employs state-of-the-art encryption and security measures to ensure that all payments are processed safely and securely, giving both organizers and attendees peace of mind.

Customer reviews

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Five star event registration rating

"Great app, stellar customer support"

Laura B.
Digital Marketing Specialist
Internet, 11-50 employees

"We have tried several event management systems for the conferences & workshops our NGO organizes (30 to 400 participants per event). We've used even some of the most praised apps out there. Trouble was that none of them was quite up to par with the set of features we needed (website embedding for the event registration form, customer vouchers, mobile app for check-in, payment integration and a couple more). Oveit came as an awesome surprise."

Five star event registration rating

"Excellent service and really easy to integrate"

Peter C.
Information Technology and Services

"The simplicity and customer care of Oveit is fantastic. It is the easiest tool by far for ticketing to integrate to your site."

Five star event registration rating

"Quick uptake and easy customisation, mobile site and access was impeccable, support was top notch !!"

Townson T.
Online ticket sales

"Saved time by not having to assign seats and allowed patrons to choose their seats."