The right event management app
for your conference.

Oveit is a cloud tool that allows you
to manage conferences, register attendees,
design badges in seconds and process registration payments.

Oveit runs embedded on your website
and you can customize the look and feel in seconds
with our awesome visual editor.
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Sell tickets. Manage events and venues.

All the right event tools
Get access to all the right tools
With Oveit you get all the right tools with just one app. Everything is connected in perfect harmony.
Embed ticket sales on your own website
Sell tickets directly on your website.
Copy and paste an embed code and you have everything running on your website. No stress, no cost.
Payments go straight to your account
Receive payments instantly
Payments go straight to your account. No wait time. Taxes are automatically computed and added.

We are proud to support

+ hundreds more

The right tool for conference planners

With Oveit you can build the perfect conference, without advanced technical know-how. You can start registering attendees in minutes.

In just one app you have everything you've needed to build the perfect experience: registration forms, international payment processing, badges design and a CRM to keep track of your attendees.

Our mobile apps make it easy for you and your staff to check in attendees at the registration, print badges and offer NFC Smart Badges to your guests.

Why NFC? Because this makes it easier for you to prepack perks in just one Smart badge. Add a free lunch, access to specific areas, the lunch or dinner or even specific merchandise.

By using our innovative technology your attendees have access to their prepacked benefits by just tapping the smart badge or NFC bracelet. And that's just the start. Scroll down for more details on how Oveit can make your conference a great experience.

Start registering your attendees in seconds

You can now start registering attendees to your conference in minutes. Everywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world. Here are some of the most important features you can use with Oveit:

  • Registration forms: Setup your registration forms in seconds. Request text, email, dates, files or multiple options inputs
  • International payment: Just connect your payment account and receive payments instantly. Over 15 currencies supported.
  • Issue invoices automatically: Oveit helps you issue invoices automatically after payments are processed. No setup needed.
  • Customize registration emails: Customize the follow up experience for your conference attendees.
  • Multiple registration options: Create separate ticketing options for your attendees.

Start receiveing payments in minutes with

Build and manage your team

We know that building an amazing conference is a team effort. With Oveit you can invite your team and work together on building your amazing project.

Setup credentials and responsibilities, invite team members and see how everything growing.

You can easily set up access rights for:

  • Access to ticket scanning apps (used for registration)
  • Creating and editing events
  • Adding discount vouchers
  • Accessing financial and sales data
  • Accessing order history and reports
  • Accesing registrants information

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Smart badges with NFC

Oveit helps you create Smart Badges. By using NFC technology your conference attendees can use their badges to network, pay for goods and receive personalized data.

You can use NFC enabled readers, NFC capable smartphones or tablets to enable and scan smart badges, as well as other RFID tokens (bracelets, cards and more).

Oh and by the way - we can provide you with the whole logistics and training needed.

Step 1: Customize your registration.
Step 2: Place it on your conference website.

With Oveit it is easy to customize the look and feel of your registration area. Make sure that your brand stands out and stop making visual compromises.
Start building
your conference now
Create beautiful conference badges in seconds
It is now easy to create customized badges for your attendees. Use data collected with forms, add it to your badge and be ready to send and print attendee badges in seconds. Use QR codes to enable data capture for your partners.
Create Conference Badges
Add multiple perks to conference registrations
Use our perks & addons feature to pack access to multiple options in just one ticket. It's not just entry but also access to goods, special areas and seminars, lunch or dinner and more. Use either QR code scanning or NFC scanning to scan perks.
Create Conference Badges
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Electronic tickets app

Start selling etickets now

Set up your account and start selling eTickets in minutes
Direct payments for events

Instant payments

Payments go straight to your account. Set up payment options in seconds.
Responsive event registration

Cross device

Oveit's responsive technology works great across devices.
Seating chart designer

Seating designer

Easily design your seating space in a visual environment
Event registration forms

Registration forms

Collect data from your attendees using our custom forms app.
Tax compliant sales

Tax compliance

Tax compliant sales across the US and EU.
Personalized badges design tool

Badge designer

Create beautiful badges for all your attendees
Financial and sales reporting

Financial and sales reporting

Stay in control with real time financial and sales reports
Sales invoices are automatically issued

Invoice generation and mailing

Invoices are automatically generated and mailed on your behalf
Scan tickets using our free apps

Free ticket scanning apps

Free apps to scan electronic tickets at the event
Event vouchers

Vouchers and discounts

Promotional pricing for your selected customers
Event registration is embedded on your website

Event registration on your website

Create, copy and paste. run everything on your own website
Search for relevant data


Search for relevant data. Customers, attendees, events and more.
Event customer relationship management


Keep track of your attendees, their preferences and purchases.
Pack multiple access and perks within one ticket

Multiple access and perks

Pack multiple entries and perks within one ticket
Event app API


Integrate Oveit with existing apps by using our API

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