Join Oveit’s Exciting Raffle and Win Airdropped Tokens at ETHcc Event!

Are you ready for an exhilarating chance to win $50 in Airdropped Tokens? Look no further! Oveit, the leading events technology company, is hosting an exclusive raffle as part of the much-anticipated ETHcc event. This thrilling giveaway is open to all ETHcc attendees, and it’s your opportunity to dive into the world of cryptocurrency and potentially walk away with a fantastic prize!

How to Enter:

Participating in Oveit’s raffle is easy and fun! To enter, follow these simple steps:
1. Register: Register on this web page. Make sure you don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!
2. Retweet & Share: Spread the word about this amazing raffle by retweeting the announcement [link soon] on your Twitter timeline. The more, the merrier – let your friends know about the chance to win too!
3. Tag Your Favorite Event: We’d love to know which event at ETHcc you’re most excited about. Tag your favorite event in your retweet to increase your chances of winning.

The Rules:

Now, let’s talk about the rules. This raffle will run for a limited time, precisely 7 days from the announcement date. You have one week to register, retweet, and tag your favorite event for a shot at the prize. But there’s a bonus – on top of our raffle winners, the FIRST 5 participants who have completed all the requirements and successfully locate our COO at Leadblock’s event during ETHcc will be declared additional lucky winners!

About ETHcc and Oveit:

The raffle is part of the much-anticipated ETHcc event, an annual gathering of blockchain and Ethereum enthusiasts from around the globe. The side event presented by Leadblock is hosted by the renowned Raphael Block, ETHcc promises to be an unforgettable experience for all attendees, filled with cutting-edge insights, networking opportunities, and a chance to connect with industry leaders.

Oveit, as a pioneer in events technology and specific NFT tickets, continues to revolutionize the way people interact during events, making every moment a seamless and memorable experience. With their cashless payments, NFT ticketing, and live shopping events technology, Oveit has been empowering event organizers to deliver exceptional experiences for their attendees.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss your chance to enter Oveit’s incredible raffle at ETHcc, and you could be one of the lucky winners to receive $50 in Airdropped Tokens! Register now, retweet the announcement, and tag your favorite event for a shot at this fantastic prize. Good luck, and see you at ETHcc! Oveit tokens will be airdropped at the time of the public release, which will be announced separately.