Boost your amusement park's sales and save costs!

Cashless Payments for Amusement Parks

Cashless payments technology on mobile

Your guests have more fun with cashless payments

Do you want your guests to have a fun, safe and simple trip to your park? You came to the right place! Oveit replaces cash with simple to use tech to help customers pay without handling cash.

Visitors can use either wristbands or your park’s cards. Both are cool, branded and easy to use. They use a technology called RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) which makes it easy and safe for you to identify your visitors. It’s also touchless so it’s a great choice in times of pandemic.

If you combine the wristbands with our cloud app you won’t need paper tickets, stubs or cash payments in the park. This decreases waiting time, improves customers feelings towards your park and increases the total sales.

Faster and safer transactions

Tap and pay! It’s as simple as that. Cashless payments for amusement parks are 63% faster than cash transactions and 53% faster than classic credit card transactions. Loses and fraud are reduced to a minimum.

See reports in real time

You don’t need to wait for your reports to come in. Every data is updated in real time. This way you can understand what your guests really want and where they are spending their time (and money). You can solve issues before they appear. Your park management tool is now in your pocket.

It runs on your mobile

Oveit Pay works on Android devices with NFC/RFID reading chips. That’s basically every Android phone after 2015. By downloading our App, any smartphone can be used as a POS (point of sale) device to accept cashless payments inside an amusement park and manage access to rides.

It’s personal. And memorable.

Every visitor has an idea of what their ideal visit looks like. It’s different for all of us. Now your park can offer this personalised experiences to each and every guest. Provide the option for each visitor to plan ahead, pre-buy their favourite rides, merchandise or food and tailor their own unique trip. On-site, these optional extras can be claimed in a matter of seconds, with a simple tap of the hand.

5 star rating reviews software

Matt Hammond

Marketing Director at Dom Perignon

“ Without the support that Oveit's team offered the event would not have been possible. With a complex time slot management across a number of days as well as adhering to brand guidelines made it incredibly hard to find a plug and play solution.“

Oveit's bespoke around the clock support made it possible!

Townson Tsai

Online Ticket Sales

“ Ability to search using multiple inputs to find purchase. Ease of refund and flexibility for orders. Easy to upscale or downscale quickly. Very quick to master the software and the documentation for billing purposes was very good. Pricing was excellent. “

Quick uptake and easy customization, mobile site and access was impeccable, support was top notch!

Leonor Guedes

Event Manager, Pioneers

“Our partnership with Oveit was very smooth and effortless. We were very please with the end result. The software made our registration process easier, more accurate and we were able to gather more reliable data.“

Smooth and effortless

An amazing experience
for each and every guest

Never worry about downtimes

We provide an amazing technology that makes it possible to operate even when the internet is down.

Provide your guests the full experience

Ticketing. Extra benefits and perks. Cashless payments. All experiences available with a simple tap of the hand.

Improve your revenue

Faster, safer transactions allow visitors to concentrate on what really matters: having fun. Allowing them to have a memorable experience will allow you to increase your revenue.

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