Plan the perfect brand event

Are you planning marketing and PR events for your company or a specific brand?

Are you looking for an app that caters to your customized needs and it is already available?

Look no further than Oveit.

Oveit is an event management tool that makes it easy to create company and brand events, register attendees and collect data on the event.

Responsive event registration

Cross device

Oveit's technology works great across devices.
Event registration forms

Registration forms

Collect data from your attendees using our custom forms app.
Personalized badges design tool

Badge designer

Create beautiful badges for all your attendees
Pack multiple access and perks within one ticket

Multiple perks

Pack multiple perks within one ticket

Company and brand events management app

Because we know how important your company's brand is we've made two very important innovations:

  • Oveit runs directly on your website or Facebook page. There is no need to point your attendees toward another website. You just copy and paste a short code and you are ready to go. Registration forms, payment, event description - it is all available on your website
  • You can customize how the event widget looks and feels. Change colors, fonts, follow up email and even attendee badges or registration tickets.

Get the event IT infrastructure you have been dreaming of, at zero setup cost.

Because Oveit runs in the cloud you can start setting up events, register attendees and send registration email in minutes. As in minutes starting now. There is no complicated signup process, no paperwork to fill in and no representative to "give you a quote". You start now, without any costs, and start paying after you have registered the 1000nd attendee. Pretty sweet, right?

Event infrastructure in the cloud

Here is what you get access to:

  • Event management, ticketing and registration forms
  • Registration forms enable you to collect data in the form of text (name, company, position) dates (birth date, arival date), emails, files (PDFs, PPTs, images and more)
  • Personalized badge design - just use data attendees filled in, drag and drop, add graphics and your personalized badges are ready to send by email or print

  • Mobile apps for ticket scanning, available on iOS and Android.
  • Support for Smart badges, NFC bracelets, access cards and NFC tickets
  • Seating design for seat based events

Collect data using registration forms.
Connect other apps using our advanced API

We know your corporate event is data intensive. That's why we made the form feature extremely to use. You can build an attendee database using this feature, without any complex IT process setup. You are ready to go in minutes.

Afterwards you can see detailed attendee data, search for specific attendees, download data or access it using our API.

Filling forms with Oveit

Storing event data on your servers

We understand that data needs to be stored on your servers in some cases. We have a specific Enterprise implementation where your database runs on your servers. If you need detailed information on this option please contact our customer support team.

Customized brand event experience.

Using our tools you can customize follow up emails, badge design using a graphic editor, seating maps, ticketing options and even fonts, colors and overall look and feel of the embedded widget.

Have a look at how you can migrate from the standard event registration to your own customized experience:

Live support

We know how important live support is for a successful company event. With the help of our lovable customer support engineers you will always feel in control. Just drop us an email and request a personal account manager and we'll be happy to respond.

Build and manage your team

We know that building an amazing brand event and really standing out is a team effort. With Oveit you can invite your team and work together on building your amazing project.

Setup credentials and responsibilities, invite team members and see how everything growing.

You can easily set up access rights for:

  • Access to ticket scanning apps (used for registration)
  • Creating and editing events
  • Adding discount vouchers
  • Accessing financial and sales data
  • Accessing order history and reports
  • Accesing registrants information
Start your
amazing event now

Payments flow directly to your account

One more thing: payments go directly to you.

Just connect your PayPal account and every time someone pays, transfers go straight to your account.

No waiting time, no cash flow nuisances. If you need specific payment processing options, please contact us.

Extended feature list

Electronic tickets app

Start selling etickets now

Set up your account and start selling eTickets in minutes
Direct payments for events

Instant payments

Payments go straight to your account. Set up payment options in seconds.
Responsive event registration

Cross device

Oveit's responsive technology works great across devices.
Seating chart designer

Seating designer

Easily design your seating space in a visual environment
Event registration forms

Registration forms

Collect data from your attendees using our custom forms app.
Tax compliant sales

Tax compliance

Tax compliant sales across the US and EU.
Personalized badges design tool

Badge designer

Create beautiful badges for all your attendees
Financial and sales reporting

Financial and sales reporting

Stay in control with real time financial and sales reports
Sales invoices are automatically issued

Invoice generation and mailing

Invoices are automatically generated and mailed on your behalf
Scan tickets using our free apps

Free ticket scanning apps

Free apps to scan electronic tickets at the event
Event vouchers

Vouchers and discounts

Promotional pricing for your selected customers
Event registration is embedded on your website

Event registration on your website

Create, copy and paste. run everything on your own website
Search for relevant data


Search for relevant data. Customers, attendees, events and more.
Event customer relationship management


Keep track of your attendees, their preferences and purchases.
Pack multiple access and perks within one ticket

Multiple access and perks

Pack multiple entries and perks within one ticket
Event app API


Integrate Oveit with existing apps by using our API