We made the ticket simpler

… but just as powerful and feature packed.

As Oveit progressed we added more and more features. We started with a simple idea of making event registration simpler, help event organizers receive payments instantly and embed everything on their website.

As we progressed and crossed our first thousand users we saw more and more options we needed to add.

We understood different registration periods may have different pricing points. We saw the need to limit potential sales to an upper limit of tickets per buyer (avoiding scalpers and such). We then discovered the whole idea of group buying and we added bulk sales options. Some of our customers wanted to extend the usage of a simple ticket beyond just access and we created addons. We even added a digital wallet you can use to pay for goods in a venue and around it. To solve fraud we created smart tickets. Calendar based tickets were added to cover multi-day events. And more…

So, inch by inch, we got to this:

And this …

And a lot longer setup section. I just cropped the upper part. Imagine you had to scroll to find the save button on a ticket. On a desktop.

Meanwhile, most of our starting users wanted to set up a ticket or two, set up a price and start their event registration.

The power users, midsized and large events, needed the full range of our features and sometimes even more.

So how could we have our cake and eat it too? How can we set up a simple basic ticket setup option but retain all of our features?

We thought a lot about this and discovered that:

  1. We needed to simplify the ticket listing page and minimize the ticket groups feature. So we removed the large group input which served a minimal role. We updated the interface for our users to just drag and drop tickets and it would form a group. We changed the wording based on input from our customers;
  2. We kept only the minimal options visible in the basic ticket setup. We now ask for a ticket name and a price (if the registration is not free). All other (many) options are now part of the … well … options panel. Just expand it and you’ll see them ordered by most commonly used ones.

This is how the ticket listing section looks now:

Oveit tickets section

And this is how the ticket setup modal looks like:

Setting up a ticket is simpler in Oveit

The expanded options are visible at a click or two:

Ticketing options
Ticketing options

Much easier to follow, right? If you want to play around with it just head over to your Events section and add a new ticket.

We’d love to hear your take on it. If there’s anything you think we can improve, just schedule a call with us here.

The calendar based ticket

Some of our customers mentioned there is something missing in Oveit. A solution for multi-multi-day events. And one for venues that sell tickets indefinitely. Turns out the solution is the same.

Here’s how it started: if you set up a two or three day conference there is a simple way to set up your ticketing process. Actually there are more. You can add day tickets or you can add packages composed of multi-days tickets. You can even use our addon feature to help visitors create their own special kind of ticket package.

But what if you want to set up an event that will happen three times a week for the next 3 weeks? Or set up ticketing for a venue that sells tickets everyday, all year round? With our previous system you’d have to set up as many ticket types as days available in the event. There were some workarounds but it was messy and error prone.

Enter: the calendar ticket

Calendar ticketing

To solve this issue we created a new way of setting up tickets. With some simple rules you can create everything you can imagine for a recurring type of event.

You can set up daily tickets, time slots, tickets that sell every few days starting at a certain date and ending at another. You can choose specific dates where the ticket will be sold.

And what’s even better – it will magically appear in a simple to use calendar interface that you can use on Oveit.com or embed in your website.

Setting up a calendar based ticket

What do you think – are you ready to give it a try? Head over to your Oveit dashboard, set up a new event, check “perpetual” at the date happening and a new option will show up in your ticket options: “Calendar”.

Calendar tickets setup

Once you open the “Calendar” option you will notice you can set the ticket to be appear:

  • Everyday (you can set up start and end dates)
  • On specific days (e.g. Monday and Wednesday)
  • On specific dates (e.g. Aug 12, 2024 and Aug 15, 2024)
Calendar based tickets settings

Choose one of the options, tweak it a little bit by using the advanced settings and you are ready to go.

3 ideas to improve your pre-event cash flow

The two superpowers that i’ve always craved for are avoiding the unavoidable and  expecting the unexpected. And even though the first still seems to be unachievable, experience brought me closer to the second. Or, to say the least, taught me that no matter how much I prepare myself things can still go wrong (what can i say…the world is independent of my will).


And planning an event makes no exception when talking about things that can go wrong. Although you want to make sure that your marketing strategy helps you sell all the tickets (Fully Booked sounds great, i know) it’s crucial to have a strong financial plan. Assuming that you are not the happy owner of a Platinum Business Credit Card and that, like the rest of us, you too have to work for a positive cash flow, here are some ideas you can use:

An event’s main income sources are:   

Sponsorships and Advertising Revenue

Registration Fees and Ticket Sales

Merchandise Sales (T-Shirts, Mugs, etc.)

Audiovisual Material Sales (CDs, DVDs, etc.),

so let’s see how we can use these revenue streams to better our pre-event cash flow

Sponsorship and Advertising Revenue

This is the category that, by tradition, helps you start. But you have to choose wisely. Don’t waste your time by not researching first; make sure that you approach the right company or person. Research will help you see which companies are omnipresent sponsors, what companies are willing to associate with your event’s theme (ex: if your topic is “Sustainable Energy” you may try approaching someone from the Energy field) or who is interested in your audience’s demographics.

Registration Fees and Ticket Sales

Remember the days when you had to wait until after the event for your money? Those days are over! Today’s technology offers you the possibility to have instant access to your ticket sales income. So, if you start selling tickets 6 months before the event (using an event registration software), your event cash flow will start 6 months in advance (and you can therefore balance your budget better). A quick example is that you can use the early bird strategy for a limited number of seats. This way you can make sure you have cash to pay some suppliers.

Merchandise Sales and Audiovisual Material Sales 

This is the real fun part when it comes to pre-event income. Today you can have instant access to not only ticket sales cash but also merchandise sale. You can set a special ticket category where event entrance is bundled with a T-shirt, a mug or a DVD. You can use Oveit’s addons and benefits to make this happen.

Cash flow seems to be one of the main reasons for which startups or events fail.”A recent study showed that as many as 82 percent of startups fail due to poor cash flow management”, sir Richard Branson has said. So, when planning the killer event don’t forget to make a solid financial plan and to use these tips if you need the extra cash.

Embrace technology for a great event

You have crafted a plan for the perfect event. A well-known influencer/artist is the keynote speaker/leading star, you have a long long list of sponsors, great venue, excellent catering and a perfect weather forecast (ok, this in fact is a myth, but you get the picture). So, as a friend of mine likes to say, you are “jacked up and good to go”.

But the work is only half done (to say the least) and here are a few things that can go terribly wrong of surprisingly well (luckily today’s event management technology can help you).

Delivering tickets

Tickets. Maybe you have the perfect marketing plan and everyone hears about your event but, if your attendees need to go the extra mile to buy them, then you have a problem. If you use social media for marketing make sure that the ticket is only a few clicks away from your fb/twitter/instagram account (better said a few screen touches away). Every extra step that the customer has to take to buy your ticket decreases the chances that he will actually finish the process. Here’s a hint: use an event registration software that allows you to sell tickets on your personal site/blog.

Check-in and registration

One of the most annoying things in the world is waiting in the line with a paid ticket in your phone (3 years ago i would’ve said pocket). Today you can use a simple application (downloaded on your personal phone) to check-in your guests and have real time access to relevant data about who arrived when. Don’t disrespect your customers by making them wait while you verify printed check-lists.

Do more with a ticket

Help attendees do more with just one ticket. For example,at a concert, the VIP tickets can include a free t-shirt, a backstage pass and 2 bottles of water, all in the same QR code. The same e-ticket (stored on your client’s phone) will be used at the front gate, at the bar, at the souvenir shop and at backstage entrance.

Embrace technology, offer a memorable experience to your clients and the word will spread like wildfire.