Beautiful Theaters to visit in a lifetime

Theater, Opera, Ballet,  the performing arts that always stood beside the five main (historically) arts, inspired people to build some of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces in the world. Art has the power to change us as individuals and the world in its complexity and, in the darkest times, reminds us how much value humankind has to offer. And maybe this is why we always struggled to create the most impressive homes for it.

Art is a blessing no matter where we meet it, but the theaters that host Theater plays, Opera or Ballet have the power to amplify our delight (feel free to disagree).

So I made up a list with part of the theaters where I would love to see my favorite plays (and discover new ones), hope you will find them as attractive as I do.

When in Malta visit Teatru Manoel

One of the oldest working arts venue in Europe, Teatru Manoel was built at the order of the Grand Master of the Medieval Catholic military order that we today know as Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Located in Valletta, Malta, the theater opened its doors on the 19th of January 1732 and since then hosts both opera and drama plays. I’m sure that its walls “heard and saw” more conspiracy than many fictional novels. If you’re in Valletta and you plan to visit it you should know that it is closed until November 30 due to maintenance work. You can find more information by visiting teatrumanoel.com.mt.

Picture of Manoel theater in Malta

source: maltatourist.wordpress.com

Shakespeare’s Globe theater – A travel in time

As the official website announces us, “Shakespeare’s Globe is a unique international resource dedicated to the exploration of Shakespeare’s work and the playhouse for which he wrote”. The theater Hall is a modern reconstruction of the original theater where Shakespeare’s dramas were played, built at the end of the 16th century. I find it fascinating to be able to “travel” to those days and I plan to visit it as soon as possible.

Picture of Shakespeare's theater, London.

source: londontown.com

Teatro Olimpico from Vicenza

“a theater based on the ancient model, but in small proportions and indescribably beautiful…”Goethe

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Teatro Olimpico from Vicenza “is the first indoor theater in masonry in the world”. It was initially designed by Andrea Palladio, one of the key figures of Renaissance architecture, and was inaugurated in March 1585. The onstage scenario is the oldest stage set still standing and one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen, picturing a great facade that hosts 3 passageways that grant access towards city streets.

Picture of teatro Olimpico, Vicenza.

source: studentsblog.viublogs.org

Palais Garnier

Inaugurated on 5 January 1875, Palais Garnier has a seating capacity of 1900 and was named “probably the most famous opera house in the world”.(link Wikipedia). For those who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting it Paris Opera and Google Cultural Institute collaborated and provided a virtual tour using Google Street Technology. Enjoy!     

Picture of the main stairway, Opera Garnier.

source: Wikipedia.org

Minack Theater

In England, Minack theater offers a view which will take your breath away: carved into granite cliffs, this +80 years old theater hosts dozens of shows each year. Situated just a few mile from Great Britain’s Westernmost point (on the mainland), Minack theater is used each year from April to September (due to weather conditions) but can be visited throughout the year.

Picture of Minack theater, United Kingdom.

source: cornwallforever.co.uk

Walnut Street Theater

Philadelphia hosts the oldest still operating theater in the United States, founded in 1809. Over the years great artist like Audrey Hepburn, Jack Lemmon, Henry Fonda, Sidney Poitier and many more performed on its stage, helping Walnut becoming the theater company with the most season ticket owners (over 55.000). P.s. there are a few stories about the ghosts that haunt the theater, visit their FB page and read more about the subject.

Picture with the Walnut Street Theater building.

source: walnutstreettheater.org

The Teatro Colon

I’ve never been to Buenos Aires but for me, it’s one of the most fascinating cities in the world. I associate its name with culture, dance, wine, and passion. Named “the Paris of the South”, “the most European city in South America” “Manhattan in the southern hemisphere” Buenos Aires is home to one of the best Opera Houses in the world, Teatro Colon. Opened in the first decade of the 20th century the building is designed in eclecticism architectural style and has an auditorium that hosts almost 2500 seats. A must see!

Auditorium of Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires.

source: turismo.buenosaires.gob_.ar

P.s. another “not-to-be-missed” theater hall in Buenos Aires is El Ateneo Grand Splendid, theater hall that now hosts a bookstore and welcomes over 1 million visitors a year. Click here for more photos.

p.p.s. not quite a theater hall but I really hope to see a live show at “La Bombonera” as well.

The Former Imperial Theater

Mariinsky Teatr from Sankt Petersburg is home to not only one of the world’s greatest ballet companies in the world but also one of the world’s most famous curtain. Opened in 1860 the former imperial theater it’s the proud owner of a luxurious main curtain that embraces its stage for over a century. Watching a fabulous show from the Tzar’s box it’s something worth telling your nephews.

Tsar's lodge at Mariinsky Theater, St. Petersburg.

source: mircorp.com/Jenelle Birnbaum

…Where the shows never end

The city that never sleeps has a district where the shows never stop. There are over 40 professional theaters (3 of which survived on Broadway attracting over 10.000.000 spectators a season. So definitely if you ever plan to visit the world a theater at a time New York’s Theater District must be on your map.

source: whstherebellion.com/?p=67156

source: whstherebellion.com/?p=67156

Bolshoi Theater

For last I’ve saved the theater that hosts world’s most famous school of ballet. Bolshoi Theater, home of both Bolshoi Ballet and Bolshoi Opera, opened almost 200 years ago (50 years after Bolshoi  Ballet was founded). The 2000 seat masterpiece was subject to several renovations (and one major reconstruction) in its long existence but I think it’s fair to say that it still holds the atmosphere of times when princes and princesses admired its magnificence.

Picture of the facade of Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow.

source: grohe.com

I hope you enjoyed our “world tour” and please let us know if you have a preferred theater that you think people should know about.
And for those of you who manage a Theater (or other types of venues): here is how you can use Oveit to manage your venue, but please feel free to contact us for more info.

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Top five theater festivals in the World

If you are already planning your 2017 vacation, you should take into consideration a city that has multiple opportunities: sightseeing, beautiful sceneries, great food and lots of entertainment options. If you enjoy theater plays, you can book your holiday so you can attend a festival – it will be both fun and educational. Here are five of the most interesting theater festivals around the world, from Russia to India to Ireland!

Chekhov International Theater Festival, May – July, Moscow, Russia

The Chekhov International Theater Festival was established in 1992, and in the 25 years of its history, the festival became a joyful and longed for event for all those who love theater. Their main goal is to widen the audience, making theater be longed for by the people of different backgrounds. You can already buy online tickets for some plays of the 2017 festival, including “The Twelfth Night” and “The Tempest”, by W. Shakespeare. The performances are held by professionals from all over the world, and take place at all of the Moscow theaters.

More info at: http://www.chekhovfest.ru/en

Edinburgh Festival Fringe, August, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world and takes place every August for three weeks in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. From big names in the world of entertainment to unknown artists looking to build their careers, the festival caters for everyone and includes theater, comedy, dance, physical theater, circus, cabaret, children’s shows, musicals, opera, music, spoken word, exhibitions and events. In 2016, there were 50,266 performances of 3,269 shows in 294 venues, making it the largest ever arts festival in the world.

More info at: www.edfringe.com

Bharat Rang Mahotsav, January, New Delhi, India

Bharat Rang Mahotsav was established a decade ago by the National School of Drama to stimulate the growth and development of theater across the country. Originally a national festival showcasing the work of the most creative theater workers in India, it has evolved to international scope, hosting theater companies from around the world, and is now the largest theater festival of Asia.

More info at: http://theatrefest.nsd.gov.in/

Dublin Theater Festival, September – October, Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Theater Festival is an annual event that brings together artists, theater-makers and audiences from Ireland and around the world. At the heart of the festival is the city of Dublin and a commitment to contributing to the vibrant social and cultural life of Ireland’s capital. In 2017, the festival will feature 18 days of world-class theater and entertainment from Ireland and abroad, from 27 September to 14 October.

More info at: www.dublintheatrefestival.com

United Solo Theater Festival, September – November, New York, USA

United Solo is the world’s largest solo theater festival, currently at its 7th season. Through a variety of one-person shows, the Festival explores and celebrates the uniqueness of the individual. The audiences can experience one-person performances from all over the world and better understand foreign cultures and traditions, see the perspective of people in various walks of life, coming from different backgrounds, speaking different languages.

More info at: http://unitedsolo.org/us/ufest/