Token-Gated Events are the future

No more fractioned experiences. Get rid of ticket scalpers. Eliminate fraud. We’ve just released a new version of NFT tickets, the one that glues everything together. We consider it to be the peak of our work so far. But what really matters is how this helps you shape new experiences.

Here is what this means to you and your community

Everything becomes an immutable token delivered to your customers’ wallets. The artwork created for your event, their access credentials, their perks and add-ons, are all packed up as the NFT ticket. Added to their wallets, these digital assets will allow them to control the full experience from one place.

Dynamic QR codes

print screen from a mobile app showcasing an NFT ticket generated with Oveit
within the NFT ticket, the QR code can be regenerated at any moment. By default, it will regenerate every 30 minutes

We’ve enhanced the NFT ticket with a dynamic QR that refreshes once every 30 minutes. Or as often as its owner likes. This way you’ll know for sure that each QR code you scan is legit, protecting the experience stakeholders against potential fraudsters. So yeah, although this is a real NFT ticket, the QR code above is useless now.

Perks and add-ons are embedded into the ticket. The benefits

extra benefits included in the ticket - print screen from a digital wallet
the benefits are displayed within the NFT ticket

Perks and add-ons (like VIP access, multiple entries, and pre-purchased merchandise) are embedded within the NFT ticket. Attendees can easily claim their perks by showing the dynamic QR, each having its own check-in option. This keeps their assets secure while giving you access to real-time data on how they claim these benefits.

NFT tickets can be easily (re)sold or gifted

Customers can easily sell or send the tickets

Buyers can sell their NFT tickets on non-fungible token marketplaces or share them as gifts. Unlike traditional e-tickets, these smart tickets are trackable in terms of authenticity & ownership, allowing 100% safe swaps. At the same time, you can protect your community from scalpers by setting up lower and upper reselling prices. Not to mention that you can tap into the secondary market gains by setting up royalties – so that each time a ticket is resold, a certain percentage finds its way back to you.

How will you handle check-ins and benefits for a token-gated event?

Just like you did before. Use our mobile apps to scan the QR codes and data will be instantly synchronized in your Dashboard. Pretty cool, right?

Contact us to learn more.

Customize Your Event Texts

We’ve always encouraged you to create customized experiences for your attendees. But in order to do so you need the right tools, right? This is what we are building here at Oveit – tools for live experiences, whether we are talking about selling electronic event ticketsNFT ticketing, or implementing cashless payments for your festival or venue. 

Today I want to show you one of our latest updates. The one that allows you to display your own Call To Action during the registration process. Whether you are selling traditional electronic tickets or have opted for NFT ticketing, you can now input your own CTAs during the registration process. 

Customize your event texts

Available in Step 3 – Checkout settings for PRO PLUS accounts, the step where you’ve always customized the follow-up emails,  this new feature allows you to change your Ticket Texts for your embeddable registration widget, on the confirmation page generated by Oveit, or/and inside the confirmation email. 

Your tone of voice is what your community reacts to. And this new update will allow you to customize the experience deep to the smallest, yet not unimportant, details.

Looking to test this new way of engaging your audience? Log in and give it a go. Or schedule a call to learn more about how to deliver better attendee experiences.

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