Introducing Advanced Data Export for Events API – Your Event Buddy Adee

We’ve been chatting with a lot of event organizers and we discovered you need more control over your event registration data. Also – smoother connections with other systems. Guess what? We’re super excited to bring you the good news today! Oveit is leaping ahead with our newest innovation: the Advanced Data Export Engine for Events, a real game-changer for your events. It’s a bit of a tongue-twister, so let’s call it Adee for short. Like a friend, because it’s friendly and here to help.

I can’t wait to dive into why this is going to change event management for you.

At Oveit we’re passionate about making event registrations super-easy, payments smooth, and access control for your events a breeze. We believe in doing fewer things, but doing them as good as we can. And then doing them again to make them better. That’s why we prefer great connections with other tools over all-in-one rigid solutions.

AI rendition of Adee. Friendly and helpful like how it should be.

To make this happen we have rewriten our infrastructure to provide a rock-solid API, the backbone of Adee. Think of Oveit as your personal data copilot, helping you bridge event data across various platforms.

What’s the data I can work with and How does it work?

Let’s see what data you can tap into.

Customer Form

The Customer Form is where the magic starts. It’s a custom data form that your buyers fill in. It can capture anything from food preferences to T-shirt sizes or even complex data like workshop choices. Why is this important? Well, when you export this data to your CRM or marketing tools, you can personalize your attendees’ experiences and communicate with them more effectively.

Registration Form

The Registration Form data comes from your actual event-goers. This is like the Customer Form but for those who show up on the day. It’s the key to understanding who your attendees are and what they like. With this, you can tailor the event in real-time, making on-the-spot decisions to enhance the visitor experience. Or use the data later to communicate with them post event and make the next event even better.

Adee - managing event visitors data


Think of Addons as the special layers to your event burger. These are the extra benefits that come with a ticket – like merch, VIP seating, or backstage passes. By exporting this data, you can coordinate with vendors, manage inventory, and ensure exclusive perks are delivered without a hitch. Plus, you can use it to help marketing activations from your sponsors great.

Wallet Credit

The Wallet Credit is a digital balance that attendees can spend at your event. This is can help increase spending and local vendors activity. It can also work as a revenue source for you. The data here provides insights into spending habits of visitors and can work great with event wearables such as NFC wrisbtands.

Wearables work great with Adee


The Customer entity is all about the payments – billing information from buyers, whether they are individuals or a company. This intel is gold for your accounting team as well as your B2B sales team, helping to streamline invoices, and for your sales team, to identify VIP clients or companies for future events.


Voucher data is all about the codes – vouchers, invites, referrals, affiliates, influencers. This data helps you track marketing&sales efforts and partnerships. Connect this with your marketing platforms, and you can see which channels are driving your sales.

Tickets & Badge Links

Finally, the Tickets & Badge Links help you use the tickets or personalized badges outside of Oveit. We send them their way but maybe you can use them somehow else. These links are where visitors grab their badges or tickets.

In summary, Oveit’s Advanced Data Export Engine, your friendly Adee, doesn’t just give you numbers; it offers insights into your attendees’ journey, from the moment they buy a ticket to the final goodbye. By integrating this data with other platforms, you create an ecosystem that’s in tune with your attendees’ needs, preferences, and behaviors, setting the stage for successful events that people talk about long after the lights go out.

What are Cycle Meetings and How to set them up: A Short Playbook to Event Registration Success

First of all – what are cycle meetings? A cycle meeting is like a regular team meeting, happening in companies every few months or once a year. All or most departments in the company come together for a big meeting. The main goal? To talk about how things are going and plan for the future.

Imagine this as a high-level check-up. Each department presents their recent actions and achievements. The objective? Assess what’s working and identify areas that might need fine-tuning. It’s essentially a platform for refining strategies and making sure everyone is aligned with the company’s big goals.

Cycle meetings are not just about reports; they’re basically a team-building exercise. They help build a collective mindset and remind everyone how they can work together. It’s an opportunity for review and forward planning, helping the company grow and adapt.

You can picture this scenario not confined to a traditional boardroom but possibly outdoors or in a more relaxed atmosphere. Why? Because it’s easier to help build the team when everyone is relaxed but engaged.

Why cycle meetings are useful:

  • Strategic alignment: Cycle meetings serve as a compass to guide the whole organization through changes in the market;
  • Progress and challenges: These gatherings are a stage for presenting progress, dissecting key challenges, and understanding which are the next steps in how the company moves forward.
  • Team sync: By bringing all key stakeholders on board several times a year, cycle meetings ensure that everyone is in sync and can collaborate.

The key parts in making cycle meetings happen

  • Initiation and scheduling: Identify the need for a cycle meeting based on company needs and schedule regular gatherings based on the team’s availability.
  • Structure in the event setup: Conduct meetings with a well-defined agenda, encouraging open communication and collaboration among team members.
  • Improve continuously: Document decisions and action items, monitor progress, and use feedback to refine the efficiency of following meetings.

Event Registration: planning the event and making sure everything runs smoothly

  • Choose a tool to help you set up the meeting: Use a robust event registration platform like Oveit to create a centralized hub for all registration-related activities.
  • Integration with internal systems: Automate follow up, communications and others by integrating your event registration with internal planning tools, communication apps and other systems to ensure a smooth flow of information.
  • Analytics and personalization: Leverage event registration analytics for data-driven decisions, personalize VIP experiences, and targeted communication.

Your action plan for event registration Excellence

  1. Event registration: Choose a versatile event registration platform like Oveit for its features, user-friendliness, and adaptability.
  2. Integration: Link registration with CRM, email marketing, and planning software for a well-coordinated event.
  3. Pre-event communication: Communicate objectives, event details and get the team excited for the upcoming event with regular messaging.
  4. Follow-up: Design a post-event follow-up using event registration tools to nurture relationships and gather valuable feedback.
  5. Satisfaction review: Turn feedback into actionable next steps to improve following cycle meetings.
  6. Engagement: Infuse engagement elements into your event strategy to captivate participants from start to finish.
  7. VIP Treatment: Identify VIPs through registration data and treat them like the stars they are, offering exclusive perks.
  8. Smooth check-in: No one likes to wait, especially at company event – ensure seamless check-in using QR codes, wearables and the proper software.
European Union flag

European e-Invoicing: What Event Planners Need to Know

If you’re an event planner operating in the European Union, you’ve probably come across the requirements for e-invoicing. Electronic invoicing is now mandatory for transactions involving public authorities in many EU countries.

For those unfamiliar, European e-invoicing is a project gradually pushing companies to transition all invoicing to the digital realm. This goes beyond just replacing paper invoices with .pdf files. The initiative introduces a government-controlled online portal that stores all e-invoices. The primary goal is to assist EU members in better tax collection, especially regarding VAT, while also reducing human errors and invoicing-related costs for both private and public entities.

Although specific details of the process may differ between countries, the general rule is simple: invoices will be uploaded to a government-designed and operated online portal. They will adhere to a specific format and be accompanied by the certified electronic signature of the issuer. The recipient will access the invoice on the same portal, enhancing transparency, reducing fraud, and accelerating payment speed.

How Will European e-Invoicing Affect Event Planners?

If you operate in a European Union country, sooner or later, you’ll be impacted by the e-invoicing requirement. Initially mandatory for transactions with public administrations, it’s now expanding to cover all B2B transactions. Soon, if you sell event tickets to a company, your invoice will need to go through a digital portal. Dealing with hundreds or thousands of such invoices, the last thing you want is to manually handle this process.

Luckily, we’re here to help you. Oveit is a tool designed not only to fully automate repetitive tasks but also to seamlessly communicate with third-party apps. As you focus on creating memorable events, let our software solutions handle the crucial yet mundane tasks.

Our APIs enable easy integration with your preferred invoicing system, one that aligns with the national e-invoicing platform. Whenever someone places an order, Oveit generates an invoice on your behalf. Moreover, it can transmit that invoice (or batches of invoices) to a third-party solution, simplifying the process of importing them into the government portal.

Changes for Event Planners in Europe

Soon, all event planners throughout Europe will need to adhere to e-invoicing regulations. This new initiative aims to assist authorities in more effectively collecting VAT while reducing the environmental impact and helping companies simplify their invoicing processes.

Shortly, you’ll be required to transition B2B invoices into a government-controlled digital environment. The good news is, you won’t have to handle this manually. Fortunately, available software solutions allow you to automate the entire process effortlessly.

eFactura for Event Organizers: Oveit and Smartbill

Our goal at Oveit is to provide you with a robust event registration platform that simplifies the work and automates repetitive tasks. And invoicing can be considerably streamlined by automating it.

This article showcases the seamless process designed to keep event organizers focused on the essence of their roles, while our technology adeptly handles the complexities of compliance and invoicing after the eFactura regulations.

The Importance of Automated Invoicing for Event Organizers

For event organizers, automating the invoicing process is crucial for streamlining workflows. When your event participants place thousands of orders, manual invoicing is not an option.

Today, when efficiency and speed are essential for the success of any business, automating the invoicing process becomes crucial. It comes with many benefits, from saving time and reducing human errors to improving cash flow and improving the customer experience. In an environment where time is precious and financial management is vital, using event management solutions with an efficient invoicing automation system becomes an essential step for the growth of your business. 

While taking take of the repetitive tasks, Oveit allows you to concentrate on what truly matters; delivering unforgettable experiences to your guests.

Oveit and Smartbill: An Efficient Solution for Event Organizers

Starting this year, eFactura is mandatory in Romania for all business-to-business invoicing. Understanding the significance of this regulation, we have worked to find the best way to automate this new process. 

By integrating Oveit with Smartbill, we empower event organizers to enhance operational efficiency while staying in line with the latest legal requirements. This integration enables a seamless transition to the eFactura framework.

Through this integration, all invoices issued by Oveit for sold tickets are sent to a Smartbill account. From there, event organizers can upload them into the new system with a simple click of a button.

This integration provides an easy and quick solution to comply with the new eFactura regulations in Romania. However, different fiscal regulations apply to other regions as well. Although this article focuses on this specific integration, our APIs allow us to adapt to other similar scenarios as well. 

Oveit X Smartbill: Step by Step Integration

Once activated, the Smartbill integration will become active in your Dashboard. In the Advanced Setup menu, under Smartbill integration, you will find the required data you need to copy to Oveit.

Smartbill integration available in Oveit Dashboard

Add your email address, token, and CIF from your Smartbill menu (found under Link/API settings in your Smartbill account). 

Once you save your settings and the two accounts are interconnected, you need to set up a new invoice series on both platforms. Given that, both systems will use the same invoice series and numbering. 

And that’s it! The integration is up and running!

Now, under the Ticket sales invoices menu, you will see the Send to Smartbill button.

Oveit Dashboard - option to send invoices to Smartbill to allow event organizers to upload them into eFactura environment

Send your ticket invoices to your Smartbill account. Keep all your invoices in one place. Moreover, using the eFactura option provided by Smartbill, upload all business-to-business invoices in the virtual space. 

Comply with the new fiscal work frame with just a few clicks of a button. Use your spare time to focus on what makes you unique; the unforgettable experiences you deliver to your community. 

Contact us if you want to discuss how to automate the repetitive tasks on your events.

Event Vouchers Decoded: Step Up your Event Game with 10 Epic Strategies

event vouchers

So, you’ve got your event lined up and wondering how to jazz it up? Event registration is ready to go buy you want something extra? Enter Oveit, the tool behind the curtain. You’ve started with event registration and payments but let’s see how you can be using discount vouchers to improve your event reach and marketing. Let’s dive into the fun:

1. Rallying multiple communities

Say goodbye to generic invites! Oveit’s voucher magic lets you personalize vouchers for different communities. You can send them a generic invite or hundreds of personalized discounts. Picture a vibrant mix of attendees, all drawn in by tailored discounts that match their vibe.

2. Group benefits for group sales

Group ticket sales means less effort and better results. Incentivise groups that buy together or teams that want to hang together at your event. Oveit’s user-friendly features turn group purchases into a community affair. Bulk discounts will have them coming in together.

3. VIP Treatment for corporate buyers

Big brands and sponsors love VIP treatment. Oveit’s voucher system lets you roll out the red carpet with exclusive offers—think VIP access and branding opportunities that’ll make them swoon. Combine this with group sales and you can tailor bigger discount vouchers for bigger orders.

4. Affiliates and influencers – Tap into their communities and track sales

With Oveit’s reporting dashboard you can see where your sales are coming from. This way you can partner up with the best influencers and track their performance. It’s a great and easy way to set up your event affiliate partnership program.

But wait, there’s more! We’re just warming up…

5. Roll out the red carpet (aka Free Tickets)

Speakers and special guests deserve the royal treatment, right? Oveit’s complimentary vouchers make them feel like absolute VIPs. It’s like gifting a golden ticket to a world of discounts.

Don’t feel like handing out too many freebies? That’s good too – set up two-for-one options and they can bring in their +1 with the price of just one ticket.

6. Exclusive ticket clubs (invite-only, please!)

Shhh… it’s an invite-only affair! Use Oveit’s magic wand … aham … interface … to create ticket categories for the elite. Personalized vouchers that whisper, “You’re part of an exclusive club.” This way specially designed ticket categories, with extra perks and addons can be easily accessed by those in the know.

7. Price slashing on autopilot (dynamic pricing FTW)

Dynamic pricing, anyone? Let Oveit handle the math—adjust discounts based on the stars’ alignment, or, you know, demand, order size, time, or audience vibe.

8. Game on with voucher gamification

Ready, set, game! Add some fun with gamified vouchers. Challenges, hunts – find clues and earn vouchers! Attendees turn into treasure hunters, all while having a blast. Set this up on your site, together with partners or from one event to another.

9. Personalized upsell

Want more? Upsell like a pro! Combine invite only tickets, addons and event vouchers because Oveit’s got those sweet vouchers for extra experiences or cool merch at the event. It’s a bargain paradise attendees won’t be able to resist.

10. Bring in the event awesomeness!

With Oveit’s magical voucher toolkit, your event transforms into a rollercoaster of excitement. VIPs, exclusive clubs, dynamic pricing disco, games, upsells—this is not just an event; it’s an experience of a lifetime!

Vouchers are more, much more than just discounts!

Oveit’s not just about slashing prices; it’s about painting your event canvas with a rainbow of experiences. Diverse crowds, exclusivity, revenue boosts, and engagement – this is your app to make your events go up into the right! Let’s rewrite the event rulebook, shall we?