Event Vouchers Decoded: Step Up your Event Game with 10 Epic Strategies

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So, you’ve got your event lined up and wondering how to jazz it up? Event registration is ready to go buy you want something extra? Enter Oveit, the tool behind the curtain. You’ve started with event registration and payments but let’s see how you can be using discount vouchers to improve your event reach and marketing. Let’s dive into the fun:

1. Rallying multiple communities

Say goodbye to generic invites! Oveit’s voucher magic lets you personalize vouchers for different communities. You can send them a generic invite or hundreds of personalized discounts. Picture a vibrant mix of attendees, all drawn in by tailored discounts that match their vibe.

2. Group benefits for group sales

Group ticket sales means less effort and better results. Incentivise groups that buy together or teams that want to hang together at your event. Oveit’s user-friendly features turn group purchases into a community affair. Bulk discounts will have them coming in together.

3. VIP Treatment for corporate buyers

Big brands and sponsors love VIP treatment. Oveit’s voucher system lets you roll out the red carpet with exclusive offers—think VIP access and branding opportunities that’ll make them swoon. Combine this with group sales and you can tailor bigger discount vouchers for bigger orders.

4. Affiliates and influencers – Tap into their communities and track sales

With Oveit’s reporting dashboard you can see where your sales are coming from. This way you can partner up with the best influencers and track their performance. It’s a great and easy way to set up your event affiliate partnership program.

But wait, there’s more! We’re just warming up…

5. Roll out the red carpet (aka Free Tickets)

Speakers and special guests deserve the royal treatment, right? Oveit’s complimentary vouchers make them feel like absolute VIPs. It’s like gifting a golden ticket to a world of discounts.

Don’t feel like handing out too many freebies? That’s good too – set up two-for-one options and they can bring in their +1 with the price of just one ticket.

6. Exclusive ticket clubs (invite-only, please!)

Shhh… it’s an invite-only affair! Use Oveit’s magic wand … aham … interface … to create ticket categories for the elite. Personalized vouchers that whisper, “You’re part of an exclusive club.” This way specially designed ticket categories, with extra perks and addons can be easily accessed by those in the know.

7. Price slashing on autopilot (dynamic pricing FTW)

Dynamic pricing, anyone? Let Oveit handle the math—adjust discounts based on the stars’ alignment, or, you know, demand, order size, time, or audience vibe.

8. Game on with voucher gamification

Ready, set, game! Add some fun with gamified vouchers. Challenges, hunts – find clues and earn vouchers! Attendees turn into treasure hunters, all while having a blast. Set this up on your site, together with partners or from one event to another.

9. Personalized upsell

Want more? Upsell like a pro! Combine invite only tickets, addons and event vouchers because Oveit’s got those sweet vouchers for extra experiences or cool merch at the event. It’s a bargain paradise attendees won’t be able to resist.

10. Bring in the event awesomeness!

With Oveit’s magical voucher toolkit, your event transforms into a rollercoaster of excitement. VIPs, exclusive clubs, dynamic pricing disco, games, upsells—this is not just an event; it’s an experience of a lifetime!

Vouchers are more, much more than just discounts!

Oveit’s not just about slashing prices; it’s about painting your event canvas with a rainbow of experiences. Diverse crowds, exclusivity, revenue boosts, and engagement – this is your app to make your events go up into the right! Let’s rewrite the event rulebook, shall we?

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Mike Dragan is the cofounder and CEO of Oveit and works daily on providing better tools for live experiences. Mike has a background in computer science and loves building digital products.

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