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Event ticketing in Netherlands with iDEAL

Are you planning a paid event in Netherlands? You are in luck because we have integrated iDEAL payments with Oveit. Not only that but Oveit is now available in Nederlands as a localized interface. You now have access to our easy to use app for event ticketing in Netherlands as well as the most popular electronic payment method in the region.

In the past years the Netherlands epayments market has seen a spectacular growth in the adoption of the iDEAL payments system:

chart (1)

Source: iDEAL

As this adoption will probably continue, we have decided to integrate iDEAL through Stripe Sources for event planners in Netherlands. As with all other payment methods supported by Oveit, registration payments go directly to your account.

With Oveit you have instant access to the tools you need to build your fantastic conference, cultural event or festival. You can get started right now by registering and selecting iDEAL in your account, under Billing > Payment methods.

Oveit provides you with an easy way of registering attendees directly on your own website by just copying and pasting an short embed code. Your embed widget an be customized to fit your branding:

Access control is easier than ever with our mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Ticket scanning and data sync is done automatically so you get real time reports regarding attendance and checkins.

Our event ticketing app is great for access control but with Oveit perks you can prepack more than just an entrance to the event:

Create Conference Badges

If you think this is a good fit or your event – be sure to check out the other features you get when using Oveit. We hope you build a wonderful experience for your attendees.

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Mike Dragan is the cofounder and COO of Oveit and works daily to build a global company focused on live experiences technology, both virtual and in-person. Mike started Oveit in 2016 with the goal of improving how brands deliver live experiences to their customers and now serves over 3000 customers across 4 continents. Mike has an experience of over 15 years in building digital products, with a focus on digital shopping. He has worked with some of the largest consumer brands in the world, advising on their digital go to market strategy. He holds two degrees, one in International Economics and one in Computer Science.

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