Our event registration user-friendly interface receives recognition

We are both grateful and excited that, in less than a year since our international launch, Oveit has managed to reach Top 10 in Capterra’s Top 20 Most User-Friendly Event Management Software infographic. “The rankings are determined by an algorithm that awards points for usability, customer service and reviews” , said Rachel Wille, Senior Product Research Analyst at Capterra. When developing the event registration software we always had our users in mind so this recognition confirms that we are on the right path.

Our app helps you sell tickets (and create separate ticketing for you attendees), create registration forms and personalize registration e-mails. You receive payments instantly by connecting your payment processor account and, furthermore, Oveit helps you issue invoices automatically after payments are processed.

It has a been a short yet awesome ride for us till now. Our focus is to always keep improving and innovate within this dynamic and challenging industry. Oveit is making surpassing progress in event tech. We made it our mission to deliver increasingly user friendly Event Management tools while offering the latest technology such as RFID and NFC wearables.

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Alex Pana is the Marketing Manager at Oveit, a US-based tech company focusing on improving virtual and in-person experiences. Prior to joining Oveit, Alex worked with 2 of the world's leading financial services companies. Over the last 4 years, Alex worked directly with hundreds of live and virtual events, understanding how technology improves the overall experience. He is people-oriented and although his role is to share the word about Oveit's solutions, he loves to learn about people's experiences. Be they good or bad. He has a degree in Public Administration. This is where he first learned that small changes can result in big improvements. Having this in mind it was only normal for him to join Oveit.

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