Escape rooms and Conferences – 5 ideas to combine the two

A phenomenon that is growing throughout the world is the fascinating world of Escape Rooms. Whether played by teenagers, adults or people in team-building programmes, the Escape Room is a perfect way to test your wits in a race against time. The concept is simple and we’ll describe it for anyone that hasn’t experienced an Escape Room so far: a group of people is locked into a room and has 60 minutes to find the way out. Simple… but not too simple. Now – the question is – how can we mix this great idea with the world of conferences and events?

Integrating an escape room experience into a business conference can bring excitement, team-building opportunities, and unique engagement. Here are five ideas on how to achieve this integration:

1. Conference kickoff escape challenge: Begin the conference with an escape room challenge that sets the tone for the event. Participants can be divided into teams during registration, and the challenge can be centered around a business-related theme or problem relevant to the conference. This activity not only introduces attendees to each other but also sparks enthusiasm for the event while encouraging teamwork and problem-solving right from the start.

2. Workshop-style escape room sessions: Incorporate escape room sessions as workshops within the conference schedule. These workshops can be led by professional escape room designers or team-building facilitators. Participants will work together to solve puzzles and complete challenges, with a debriefing at the end to discuss how the experience relates to real-world business scenarios. This approach allows attendees to learn valuable lessons in a hands-on, enjoyable environment.

3. Networking escape rooms: Create escape room spaces that facilitate networking opportunities. Set up escape room stations or booths in designated areas where participants can join impromptu escape room sessions during breaks or networking hours. This interactive setup encourages conference-goers to mingle, collaborate, and exchange ideas while having fun solving puzzles together.

4. Gamified learning sessions: Integrate escape room elements into specific conference sessions to gamify learning. For instance, during training sessions or workshops, incorporate escape room-style puzzles and activities to reinforce key concepts. This approach enhances engagement, retention of information, and active participation among attendees.

5. Closing keynote escape room challenge: End the conference with a memorable escape room challenge presented as the closing keynote. Invite a dynamic speaker or escape room expert to lead the activity and tie it to the conference’s central themes and takeaways. The challenge can involve solving a final puzzle or unlocking a “treasure” that represents the knowledge gained during the event. This unique finale ensures that participants leave the conference on a high note and with a sense of accomplishment.

Remember to ensure that the difficulty level of the escape room experience aligns with the audience’s preferences and abilities. Additionally, consider providing clear instructions, ensuring safety measures, and having facilitators on hand to guide participants as needed. Integrating an escape room experience into a business conference adds an element of excitement and interactivity that can significantly enhance the overall event and create a lasting impact on attendees. After all – this is what Oveit is all about – providing great experiences for conferences and their visitors.

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