Unlocking Efficiency: The Power of
Attraction Ticketing Software

Oveit is an all-in-one attraction ticketing software that not only simplifies bookings and maximizes revenue through dynamic pricing but also enhances visitor engagement with its marketing automation tools. Its standout feature, in-venue cashless payments, creates a seamless and enjoyable visitor experience by minimizing wait times and encouraging in-venue spending. Oveit is designed to support your venue’s growth, streamline operations, and transform how visitors experience your attractions, making it the ultimate tool for elevating your event’s success.

Oveit is a versatile attraction ticketing software designed to improve your venue’s operations and guest experience from start to finish. With its seamless integration of traditional and calendar bookings, Oveit simplifies the reservation process, making it easy for your guests to plan their visits. The software goes beyond mere ticketing; it’s an engine for revenue optimization, providing dynamic pricing strategies to ensure you maximize earnings from every event or attraction.

Moreover, Oveit’s marketing automation tools empower you to engage with your audience effectively, turning casual visitors into loyal fans and website visitors into buyer at double the rate of other solutions. These tools enable personalized communication and targeted promotions, ensuring your marketing efforts hit the mark every time.

Perhaps the most innovative feature of Oveit is its in-venue cashless payment solution, which streamlines transactions and enhances the guest experience. This feature not only reduces wait times but also increases spending within your venue, creating a frictionless environment where visitors can enjoy more of what you offer.

In essence, Oveit is more than just ticketing software; it’s a comprehensive platform that supports your business growth, enriches guest experiences, and optimizes your operations, all in one.

Improve the experiences for your ticketed attraction with key automations

1. Simple, Friendly, Automated Experience

Oveit makes your guest’s journey from discovering your attraction to enjoying it seamless. Our platform is designed to be easy for anyone to use, making the ticket buying process as simple as a few clicks.

2. Streamlined Registration and Ticketing

Say goodbye to long queues and complicated registration processes. With Oveit, your guests can sign up and get their tickets smoothly, which means a great start to their experience with your attraction.

3. Easy Group Ticket Setup and Purchase

Planning visits in groups? Oveit offers an effortless way for families or friends to buy tickets together, ensuring they all enjoy your attraction without any booking hassle.

4. Instant & Direct Payment Processing

Payments are swift and secure with Oveit. Guests can pay directly and instantly, so there’s no waiting around. This means faster transactions and happier visitors.

5. Financial Management

Keep your finances in check with comprehensive tools. Oveit gives you a clear view of your earnings and transactions, making financial management a breeze.

6. Integration with CRM and Marketing Tools

Oveit connects with your CRM and marketing platforms, helping you create personalized customer journeys. Engage your visitors with targeted campaigns that turn one-time guests into regulars.

7. Versatile Ticket Selling: Online, Mobile, Box Office, and Kiosks

Wherever your guests are, Oveit is there. They can buy tickets online, on their mobile, directly at the box office, or even at kiosks, making ticket purchasing convenient and flexible.

8. Automated Access Control

Control access to your attraction efficiently. With automated access control, manage crowds smoothly and ensure only ticketed guests can enter, enhancing security and guest experience.

9. Real-Time Data

Get insights as they happen. Oveit provides real-time data on ticket sales and guest behavior, helping you make informed decisions on the spot.

10. Connect Tickets with Wearables/Cards

Enhance your visitor’s experience with wearables and cards connected to their tickets. This tech-savvy approach speeds up entry and payments within your venue.

11. Eliminate Unnecessary Work

Automate tasks that bog you down, from ticketing to financial reports. Oveit handles the heavy lifting, so you can focus on making your attraction unforgettable.

12. Conversion Rate Optimization

Turn more website visitors into guests with Oveit’s conversion rate optimization. Our platform is designed to guide potential visitors smoothly from interest to purchase.

Registration access and wearables

Key innovations

Fully brandable experience

Transform the attraction experience with technology that looks and feels as you want it to

Addons expanding the ticket

One-of-a-kind technology that helps expand ticket with add-on benefits, services, experiences and merchandise

Wearables and smart cards

Pack the whole ticket and benefits package on secure, credit card level contactless technology by simply tapping

Sales and conversion optimisation

Track, remarket and convert abandoned carts, create streamlined affiliate partnerships

Smart tickets that can

Solve fraud with secure tickets that use cryptographic methods to stop scalping, regulate secondary market and royalties

Group buying

Using the power of family, school or work networks to boost attendance and revenue

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Understand customer journeys and personalize with the right attraction ticketing software

  • Gain valuable insights with real-time reports. Use attendance and spending data to optimize the attraction’s experience, quickly address issues, and boost revenue.
  • Understand the entire customer journey for all your guests. From the moment they landed or your website to the moment they leave and beyond. Use this data in your post-visit communication to deliver the right messages to the right people.
  • Improve revenue by retargeting valuable customers at the right times and bring them back for more fun.

Personalized customer success to make the most of your attraction ticketing

Experience a worry-free ticketing experience with Oveit’s support and implementation services. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to guiding you through every step, from initial setup to on-site execution. Oveit provides local business hours support ensuring that your questions and concerns are promptly addressed. As one of our future premium customers you will be assigned a dedicated customer success manager.

Whether you need assistance with technical integration, troubleshooting, or strategic planning, Oveit’s support ensures that your venue ticketing runs flawlessly, allowing you to focus on creating memorable experiences for your visitors.